Book of Ra Guiding Rules 04/17/2021 1:22am (UTC)

The Book of Ra is a simple game that flows well when you know its rules. When you come across its veneer for the first time, you will notice that it is quite confusing when you haven’t grabbed the rule of the game. The rules include:

Look for the buttons on the playing surface to structure the pay lines. Two buttons are for setting up the actual bet and the other two are for starting the game. 

Focus your first view on the pay lines in which the profits are counted. The lines are important for the achievement of any gain. Alternatively, when you play on the pay line, you will raise the Book of Ra bets. 

When you play on a particular line, your win gets counted based on the same line. You will find the main pay line in the middle of your way and win in the game; you have to start symbols from the spinners on the left. 

You can play up to ten pay lines although you should avoid playing on one line which lowers your winning chances or too many lines which consume a lot of cash for a single spin. 

The ideal number of lines in the game is five. The middle, upper, lower, and V-shaped lines represent the corners. You should try balancing the lines and the bet mainly five pay lines for high payouts. Note that the 5 –line rule of the game leads to success. 

If you want to play more than 20 lines, you should choose the whole application. Try creating a lump sum of 4000 points and use it to play 20 points per round. This way you can turn 20 rounds before your money is exhausted. 

Always play the BookOfRa with a lot of patience and wisdom. Ensure that you have attained 18+ years to play the game. 

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