Rules Of Book Of Ra (Casino Game) 04/17/2021 1:20am (UTC)


When it comes to slot games such as the Book of Ra, the game is one of the simplest even a newbie can effectively engage without much of a hassle. Like any other slot machines, the Book of Ra comes with some of the most straightforward rules that govern and guide players on how to play the game.

The first timers' rules will act as a guiding principle that will come between you and the disappointment associated with an assumed win, which turns out to be false. The rules also dictate the conditions on which you land into lucrative success using various symbols present in the game while the player is on auto play mode.

The first rule that governs the Book of Ra is the explorer symbol and the Egyptian Pharaoh. These two symbols carry with themselves massive returns in the form of multipliers on your pay line.

Secondly, in this slot game, hieroglyphs are replaceable and can be substituted with any symbols found on your game board. This rue is very critical to players who want to go out for the jackpot prize.

Thirdly, new players get usually advised to place small bets while playing. With a return to a player for this game set at approximately 94 percent, the BookOfRa is a bit risky to players who do not have enough experience in the volatility associated with casino games.

Lastly, on the Book of Ra rules, if a player places a maximum wager and eventually happens to land on one the highest paying pay line, the player gets awarded a jackpot prize with stakes going up to millions of dollars.

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